How Lucky / Unlucky Can A Person Have?

Who does not know that? On the way to work in the morning, you almost have an accident, coffee falls on your laptop and the boss is anything but in a good mood all day long.

In the evening you sit down at the slot machine to immerse yourself in another world for a short time and suddenly everything works out: One bonus round chases the next and you leave the Malaysia online casino richer than ever before.

Are you lucky or unlucky? That certainly depends on the point of view. We in the editorial team see the bright side and would rather speak of a lucky guy who had to put up with one or the other dry spell on the way to success.

The example just mentioned is nothing compared to the story of Frane Selak. What can a person survive? A car accident? A train accident? A plane crash? Or all that and much more? More about the history of the biggest lucky guy in the world in this link ewallet slot.

The incredible story of Frane Selak

Anyone who looks at Frane Selak for the first time will not be able to guess what the man is supposed to have behind him. The native Croat is said to have experienced one misfortune after the next. Fortuna was always on his side. The following is an excerpt from the eventful life of Frane Selak.

The train accident

The unbelievable happened on a trip from Sarajevo to Dubrovnik. The train in which Frane Selak is also derailed and falls into an adjacent river. Seventeen passengers were killed in the accident. Frane Selak was able to swim to the safe shore and only got away with a broken arm and hypothermia.

The plane crash

Only a year later, the next disaster happens. Frane Selak is on the plane to travel from Zagreb to Rijeka. Selak reports how the door of the plane breaks open and then it falls into the depths. Nineteen people were killed in the crash while Selak woke up on a haystack.

The bus accident

As if the previous examples weren’t enough, the next calamity occurred in 1966. This time Frane Selak is on the bus. The accident has parallels to the first case. Here, too, the bus inexplicably comes off the road and lands in a nearby river. Four passengers were killed, Selak was spared except for a few scratches.

The car accident

It seems that Frane Selak should avoid any form of transport and instead only travel on foot. When Frane was driving her car in 1970, the tank exploded on the autobahn. We know the end: Frane Selak got away with it.

The car accident part 2

Only three years later, in 1973, the next car accident occurred. This time the vehicle had problems with the fuel pump that set the car on fire. Here too, Selak got off lightly.

The bus accident part 2

We are now in 1995: It seems that Selak’s streak of bad luck (or luck) has finally come to an end – but wrongly thought. A bus caught Frane on the streets of Zagreb. Here, too, Selak got away with his life, but the greatest misfortune was yet to come …

The car accident part 3

Only a year later, the worst event in the eventful history of Frane Selak took place. As he was driving his Skoda down a mountain road, an oncoming truck rammed him. Selak managed to break free and watched his car go up in flames.

The lottery win

It’s hard to believe: In addition to all the bad luck, Selak finally experienced something completely positive in 1993: on his 73rd birthday, he won a whopping € 900,000 in the lottery.

He buys two houses and a boat and can now enjoy his carefree retirement … actually. Selak decided to give the rest of his remaining wealth to friends and family and to lead a modest life.

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